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Convenient One Stop Beauty & Wellness

From the get-go, Ashley and Kellie opened Balanced Soul WELLNESS with the "one-stop shop" mindset. As frequent patrons of multiple spas, salons, offices, etc., they knew what they liked and how they could turn their passion into a thriving #wellness business in the heart of San Marco just off the square.

They took everything they love about the beauty and wellness industry and established it under one roof. Now you can have it all! With the ability to come in for #ivvitamintherapy, #lashextensions, #facials, #chemicalpeels, #weightloss, #injectables, #botox, #fitness all while relaxing in this custom beautiful setting, #BSW is truly all you need to boost your beauty routine.

With Ashley's extensive medical expertise and Kellie's tried and true fitness mind, BSW has you covered. Drop in for an intimate fitness experience with one of our innovative and fun trainers for #yoga, #pilates, #HIIT, #spin, or #cardiosculpting classes. You won't be disappointed. Space is limited for our classes as we are inclined to keep them small for focused attention on each guest.

No matter what you're looking for, Balanced Soul has it all! Book today to experience everything you need to "Capture your beauty, while indulging your body". #livebalanced

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