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Benny Ball

Benny Ball

Licensed Massage Therapist MA57604

Benny has a deep love for all natural means of homeostasis & has over 12yrs of experience in the field of massage therapy. His wide range of skills extend from a certification in manual lymphatic drainage, hot stone massage, Swedish Relaxation Massage, to his keen & integrative deep tissue massage, & more.

Benny’s hobbies include cryptocurrency investing, spending time with his family, becoming a better version of himself through personal development & spiritual content, & networking with people from all walks of life.

Benny was called to be a holistic healer when it dawned on him around the age of 7 through his enlightenment of consistently massaging his mom & older sister. He would always relax them to the point where they were quickly subdued into sleep through his yet untrained yet magic hands. From that that point on, as a little boy Benny knew that therapeutic massage was a gift that he was endowed to master.

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