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Your hands are one of the first places to show your age, and the hands sometimes age faster than the rest of the body. Years of sun, chemical, and water exposure lead to brown spots and texture problems on the back of the hands. Then, as we continue to age, our hands lose volume, fat and skin elasticity. The skin thins, wrinkles and becomes more translucent, revealing the underlying structures – veins, tendons, and boney knuckles.

Although aging hands are an unavoidable part of the natural aging process, a combination of treatments can restore the youthfulness that time has taken away. Effective hand rejuvenation requires restoration of lost volume and treatments to improve skin tone and texture. Photo-aging can be treated with CO2 Laser  that improves pigment problems and fade sun damage. Lost volume can be corrected with filler injections.

Texture can be smoothed with CO2  treatments.
The renowned experts at Balanced Soul Wellness have multiple minimally invasive procedures to rejuvenate your hands.

The hand rejuvenation specialists at Balanced Soul Wellness will evaluate your needs and create a treatment plan that addresses all your goals safely and effectively.

One or a combination of fillers may be used to plump the skin, adding back volume to hide veins, and protruding tendons and bones. The CO2 laser can treat sun damage, and brown pigment. Improve texture and tone, and tighten and smooth the skin, giving an overall more youthful, healthier appearance.

Here are some of the procedures that may be used alone or in combination to help you achieve rejuvenated hands. Our CO2 Laser is able to address significant sun damage and age-related changes. The CO2 laser drills micro-wounds in the skin, which stimulate a healing response. As these micro-injuries heal, collagen production begins, ultimately thickening the skin. Because the CO2 laser also targets brown spots and texture problems, treatments also yield smoother, more even and healthier skin.

If you are considering Hand Rejuvenation, ask yourself:
• Do you have prominent veins and tendons due to a loss of volume?
• Is the skin on your hands wrinkly and thin?
• Do you have age-related brown spots?
• Is the texture and tone of your skin aging your hands?

Hand rejuvenation can give you smoother, fuller hands with less prominent tendons, bones and veins.
At Balanced Soul Wellness in San Marco, Jacksonville, we can offer you hand rejuvenation with laser treatments that take less than one minute for each hand. That improve the skin quality but adding fillers to the process adds volume to a skeletonized hand. Our patients who undergo hand rejuvenation procedures are happy and recommend it to family and friends. If you wish to enhance your appearance, boost self-confidence, achieve smoother skin and a more youthful look, hand rejuvenation may be right for you.

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