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Who is eleigable for  COVID-19 IV?

COVID-19 IV's are for patients that are diagnosed with COVID-19 but not hospitalized.  Our COVID team which includes a nurse practioner and RN's will contact you first to review a full medical history to ensure the IV ingredients are not contradicted within the patient. All COVID-19 IV's are performed in your home. Please DO NOT come to the wellness center if you have active COVID-19.


How long does the IV Take?

The IV takes approximately 1 hour to infuse.

Who administers the IV?

A Registered Nurse or Nurse Practitioner will administer the IV in the comfort of your own home.

What all is in the COVID-19 IV?

Vitamin C is a potent antioxidant with immunomodulatory properties and significantly concentrates in important immune cells.

Vit C supports the function and proliferation of lymphocyte cells and enhances phagocytic capacity and oxidative killing by neutrophils. Its additional antioxidant properties make it extremely beneficial to clearing harmful reactive oxygen species (ROS) used by immune cells to deactivate viruses, but also cause inflammation and
harm to human cells. 1 ROS are especially critical in patients with respiratory disease as they cause damage to the lungs. This could contribute to the inflammatory storm that affects patients with severe COVID-19. Having a powerful antioxidant to clear the ROS may be helpful in symptomatic COVID-19 patients.


Zinc inhibits viral replication. Zinc has also been found to help produce and activate
T-cells (t-lymphocytes), which trigger the body to respond to infections, according
to the National Institutes of Health. Zinc is an essential mineral that our body cannot make itself. This means we have to obtain it from our diet or supplements. Zinc has many important roles in our body, for example,


  •  Is responsible for the activity of more than 300 different enzymes in our body

  • It is vital for our immune system function including maintaining the integrity of our skin and for cells mediating immunity such as neutrophils and killer cells.

  • Studies have shown people who are deficient in zinc are more susceptible to infection

  • Is required for protein and DNA synthesis Is important for wound healing

  • Supports normal growth and development during childhood, adolescence, and pregnancy

  • Ensures the proper functioning of our senses (taste and smell).

B-complex vitamins
Vitamin B complex contains all the vitamins in the B group. The B vitamins are
related to each other and work closely in your body. For this reason, having all the B
vitamins in your body helps your body work better.
Vitamin B6 is essential to keeping your immune system in top condition.

Glutathione- prevents oxidative stress and inflammation and helps boost the immune function of other cells in the body.


The deficiency of glutathione could be one of the contributing factors leading to the progression of COVID from mild infection to severe conditions. It could cause more oxidative stress and exacerbate inflammation in the lung, which may lead to respiratory distress syndrome and possible death.

Glutathione is not easily absorbed orally. When replacement is needed, it is given by intravenous administration.


Should everyone in the house get a COVID-19 IV?

If the household is negative, it is still recommended for members of the house to get the normal immunity IV to keep the immune system strong. Isolation precautions are still recommended with the IV's as this does not prevent an individual from contracting COVID from the infected household member.  The regular Immunity IV for a home visit is -$199

What is the total cost for a COVID-19 IV?


How do I schedule a Mobile COVID-19 IV?

You can call the spa directly 904-586-2024, or text 904-866-0143.  You may also enter your information below to send us an email. 

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